Intro A Juniors

1st Abbi McArthur + Machno Diamante 67.20

2nd Lauren Laird + Ruby 64.56

3rd Sara Uslu + Dakota 62.82

Intro A Seniors


1st Melanie Scott + Zara 68.47

2nd Gillian Simpson + George 56.95

3rd Shalena McCarron + Imlaak 56.52

Prelim 12 Juniors


1st Katy Gillespie + Chandler Bing 69.2%

2nd Abbi McArthur + Machno Diamante 67.80

3rd Sara Uslu + Dakota 67.40

4th Katy Gillespie + Twinkle 66.0

Prelim 12


1st Melanie Scott + Zara 68.60

2nd Corinne Kyle + Ace 66.60

3rd Kirsteen Hamilton + Luna 66.0

4th  Fiona Luke + Tia 65.00

5th Anja Lowit + Savannah 64.20

6th Gillian Simpson + George 60.40

Novice 30 Juniors


1st Katy Gillespie + Chandler Bing 67.7

Novice 30 Seniors


1st  Bridget Lambert + Ace 68.46

2nd Sarah Milne + Caleb 60.96

Thanks again for your continued support and huge entries.  We honestly can't do this without volunteers and at one point yesterday we didn't have enough to go ahead!  So if you do have a spare hour or aren't competing at our dressage but like to jump, please help us out...........there's a free clear round in it for you, and feel free to volunteer others :-)

Our next date is provisionally booked for the 17th of June and entries will be limited. I have some score sheets (and rossies) so will be in touch re picking them up.


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