Intro B

1st Morven Walker and Hugo 60.8%
2nd Shalena McCarron Imlaak 60.4%
1st  Kasia H and Toby 69.1%
2nd  Bridget Lambert and Ace 67.4%
3rd Laura Ferguson and Maccauley  65.2%
4th Corrine Kyle and Ace 59.1% (12)
5th Anja Lowit and Savannah 59.1% (10)
6th Melanie Scott and Zara 59.1% (8)
Prelim 7
1st Shannon Gallagher ad Sundance Kid 68.5% (Q FC2014)
2nd Amy Laird and Maccauley 63% (Q FC2014)
1st Linda Shaw and Buffy 86% (Q FC2014)
2nd Pamela Durk and Aurora 74.5% (22) (Q FC2014)
3rd Abi Johnson and Tally  74.5% (20) (Q FC2014)
4th  Tess Persson and Gibson 70.5%
5th Debbie Gardner and Honey 67%
6th Fiona Luke and Tia 65.5%
Novice 27
1st Abi Johnson and Tally 74% (Q FC2014)
2nd Pamela Durk and Aurora 71% (Q FC2014)

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